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Moyes Pharmacy: Home of the Express Test!

Schedule an Express Test today at

Tests available for covid-19, flu, strep throat and cholesterol!
No exam required. Get in, get out, and get going.

What is an Express Test and how does it work?

Express Tests are rapid diagnostic tests for Covid, flu, strep throat or cholesterol. To conduct Covid, flu or strep test, a Moye’s pharmacist or pharmacy technician will swipe the inside of your nose with a cotton-tipped swab.


The cholesterol Express Test is performed with a simple fingerstick.


How long to get results?

Just 10-15 minutes!

Is an appointment required?

No, we also accept walk-ins. You can request an Express Test in-store or at the drive-thru. If in your car, we will have you park in a designated space and come out to administer the test. To avoid longer wait times, we recommend scheduling an appointment at, or call ahead to your local Moye’s Pharmacy.

For Covid tests, we do ask that you call ahead, so that our staff can take the proper precautions.

  • McDonough: (678) 757-3334
    Address: 62 Keys Ferry Street McDonough, GA 30253

  • Hampton: (770) 946-5172
    Address: 34 E Main Street South Hampton, GA 30228

  • Jackson: (770) 957-5561
    Address: 227 S Mulberry Street Jackson, GA 30233

  • Locust Grove: (770) 957-6004
    Address: 3798 Highway 42 Locust Grove, GA 30248

  • Stockbridge: (770) 474-0704
    Address: 4467 North Henry Boulevard Stockbridge, GA 30281


Is a physical exam required?

No, a physical exam is NOT required before receiving an Express Test. Your local doctor’s office, urgent care or big pharmacy chain all require exams at an additional cost to you.

Tested positive and need treatment?

Visit to schedule a telehealth appointment with a doctor for only $59. If needed, the doctor will prescribe an anti-viral medicine, like Tamiflu®, for the flu and an antibiotic for strep throat.

Do you offer Covid-19 Tests?

Yes, but supplies are limited. When available, you can schedule a Covid-19 Express Test at any of our Moye’s Pharmacy locations. Visit Covid-19 Express Tests for more information.

No required clinic visits, no extra fees.

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