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Why choose Moye's Pharmacy?

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Fast, friendly and knowledgeable service. We are locally owned and operated with five convenient locations in Henry & Butts County. Located in Downtown McDonough, Hampton, Jackson, Locust Grove, and Stockbridge.


Join our Prescription Sync so that you can have all your medication refills ready on the same day each month.

Visit our Convenience Program page for more information.

Compounding at our Stockbridge location.

Pick up your pet’s medications with us too. For more information visit our Pet Medications page.


Our Services

  • Immunizations 

  • Delivery  

  • Vitamins/supplements  

  • Compression Hose 

  • Durable Medical Equipment—Mobility Warehouse 

  • Sports related therapeutic supplies 

  • CBD 

  • Local Honey 

  • Pecans 

  • Embroidery 

  • Gifts 

  • Med Sync 

  • Auto Refill 

  • Compliance packing 

    • Simple Pak 

  • Rapid Testing 

    • RSV 

    • Strep 

    • Covid 

    • Flu 

Paying $300+ a month on prescriptions? Let one of our Patient Advocates work to save you money. Additionally, our patient advocates are available to provide regular check-ins for refills and to check on your wellbeing, to make sure you are taking what you need, when you need it. We also communicate closely with doctors and their offices to make sure you are up to date on your healthcare. Use the Patient Advocate Program.

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Free Delivery. Our drivers will bring your prescription to you so that you’ll never have to leave your house. Home delivery is available to limited, local areas on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Call your local store for more.

Fill out our Online Order Form to refill your prescriptions online for pickup or delivery.


Please Contact Us with any additional questions.

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